Professionals in the business of repairing, cleaning, and restoring furniture and home goods have long relied on UNITERS line of products and technical expertise to produce measurable results. With the backing of UNITERS research and development, technicians in the field will rest assured they are using the very best solutions available in the marketplace for leather, fabric, and wood.


There are many companies that attempt to copy the solutions UNITERS develops, but none can match the expertise applied to product testing at the UNITERS Research Center. For those who choose UNITERS products for their operations, UNITERS commitment is to only introduce solutions to the market that have been thoroughly tested and proven in real world scenarios.

Uniters Pro
Leather Master
Textile Master
Wood Master

Sherlock by UNITERS is a timesaving, high performance leather color system that offers quick, precise, and highly durable touch-ups, repair, and complete re-coloring on leather and synthetics. Sherlock’s fast-drying, water-based, and low-odor colors are designed to work in conjunction with a range of compatible auxiliaries for professional results.

Sherlock takes the guesswork out of color matching. The heart of the system is the pocket-sized color sensor that contains an optical scanner providing instant color recognition using a smartphone app to give the user the correct formula from the Sherlock color database, providing an industry-leading level of accuracy to match existing color swatches from tanneries or manufactures.


UNITERS Pro is a professional product line designed specifically for technicians for repairing and restoring leather. UNITERS Pro includes six categories of complementary products, which used in the proper sequence, will ensure maximum performance for a long-lasting, durable, and virtually imperceptible repair or restoration.


Backed by nearly 30 years of research and development, Leather Master® has long been recognized as the premier care and protection brand for use on leather furniture and fashion.

With innovative and easy to use solutions intended to repair and protect against soiling, fading, scratching, and cracking of leather upholstery and apparel, UNITERS award winning Leather Master® line of leather care products have been endorsed by leather manufacturers and retailers around the globe.

Trust the research and reputation of Leather Master® products for your leather furniture and apparel.


Developed by the UNITERS Research Centre, Textile Master® is widely recognized by fabric manufacturers and furniture retailers across the globe as superior products for the maintenance of most fabric and microfiber materials.

These cutting edge products are designed to be both effective and easy to use on upholstery, carpet, window treatments, apparel, or fabric home goods.

Whether you need to clean, repair, or protect; Textile Master® has a solution that will work for almost any application.


With proper care and protection, wood can retain its natural beauty and versatility for decades. The UNITERS Research Centre has developed a range of kits and products for the cleaning, protection and repair of most types of wood surfaces and finishes.

The Wood Master® brand from UNITERS is widely recognized as a superior product for both home and professional applications. Professional restorers and wood furniture manufacturers use Wood Master® products to preserve and enhance even the most valuable antiques.


Color Matching

UNITERS is the only company that houses a collection of over 20,000 leather color samples in our color matching library. Throughout nearly three decades of partnerships with leather manufacturers, UNITERS has compiled the largest sampling of finish colors in the industry.

Professional technicians requiring a color match to repair or restore furniture can send UNITERS a sample to analyze. The color specialists at UNITERS lab will examine the pigments and finish to produce the correct color compound. UNITERS will even advise the technician on how to properly apply the color to hide or mask a pigment difference in raw materials, finished leather or textiles.



UNITERS offers interactive training courses for professional technicians covering the common aspects of furniture repair and restoration. Attending the Master Repair Courses will elevate your business above the competition. The course navigates through the features and benefits of the entire UNITERS PRO® line of products and how to utilize them effectively in the field.

The UNITERS state of the art training facilities combine the latest in training presentation technology with fully supplied stainless steel work stations for advanced hands on sessions in leather and fabric cleaning and repair.

Below are some of the techniques and procedures technicians will learn throughout the three day course.

  • Color Matching
  • Heavy Stain and Oil Removal
  • Repair Rips, Tears, Burns, and Punctures
  • Grain Matching
  • Finish Replacement
  • Restoration of Leather

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