September 13, 2017

West Palm Beach, FL- For Immediate Release

UNITERS Delivers Uninterrupted Service During Hurricanes

“Our hearts truly go out to the people whose lives have been affected by Hurricane Irma,” said Gordon Higgs, Chief Executive Officer at UNITERS. “Our greatest concern is for the safety of everyone in the affected areas.”

With the most recent hurricane heading towards its' West Palm Beach headquarters, and the remnants of Hurricane Harvey still lingering; UNITERS, the leaders in the furniture care and protection industry, used a myriad of methods to maintain consumer contact throughout.

Gordon Higgs, explained “we take all business continuity scenarios seriously, from a power outage to a disaster such as Harvey and Irma, we continually update our preparedness for the appropriate response. With a national customer base, it is important that customers everywhere have a minimized impact in their ongoing protection needs."

UNITERS utilized its contact center in Reno, NV, its back up contact center located in its distribution center in Greensboro, NC, sending employees and their families to these locations right before the projected arrival.  Additionally, associates were supplied with To Go bags containing all the necessary equipment to continue work at home or other locations with available connectivity. The company also coordinated response with major retailers to streamline preparedness.

The results of all these efforts culminated in Seamless service and professional response. Gordon Higgs further stated, "We are so pleased with all our team members and proud to have met the challenges faced during Hurricane Irma. Leveraging our multiple geographic locations and proper planning allowed us to serve our retail partners and their valuable customers."