UNITERS Leather Master line of leather care products has again been honored by the Women’s Choice Award, a leading consumer advocacy group, for its “extraordinary recommendations” from female customers in a customer satisfaction survey.

In earning the 2016-2017 Women’s Choice Award, the group noted that Leather Master, which is distributed by UNITERS North America, received excellent survey scores. The vast majority rated the experience and overall product quality “extremely satisfied,” and the group said more than 95% reported they would definitely recommend Leather Master products to family and friends.

“The Women’s Choice Award’s mission is to identify which brands are most recommended and trusted by women, along with those that deliver a recommendation-worthy customer experience,” said Delia Passi, CEO and founder of the Women’s Choice Award. “By carrying the Women’s Choice Award seal, brands like Uniters Leather Master signify their commitment to empower women to make smart buying choices.”

According to the 2015 Marketing to Women Conference, research shows that women are more likely to purchase a product if they have a recommendation from their family, friends or peers. Furthermore, in a 2014 benchmark survey byWomen’s Certified Inc. titled “How Women Choose Media,” women identified a recommendation as the second-leading reason for why they chose a brand.

“We at UNITERS are proud to have our Leather Master products recognized by the 2015-2016 Women’s Choice Award as the brand that women trust and recommend most for the protection and repair of leather upholstery, goods and apparel,” said Gordian Tork, Uniters chairman and CEO.