As the trusted leader in furniture warranty administration and environmentally friendly home goods product manufacturing, UNITERS Cares is not only a global outreach initiative, but also part of the corporate culture at UNITERS. Led by CEO Gordian Tork, UNITERS believes success as a corporation is not simply measured by the bottom line, but also how a company gives back to the global community. Many times, the charities and causes supported by UNITERS do not receive the attention of other organizations as the company only supports charitable initiatives where most of the contributions go directly to the beneficiary, not to marketing or administrative costs.

A project especially close to the heart of Mr. Tork and UNITERS’ is the support for a relatively unheralded natural archipelagos in the Adriatic Sea just off the Croatian coastline, the Brijuni Islands. Home to a free-range Safari Park hosting native and imported animal species from around the globe, there is quite literally no place like it in the world. Seemingly drawn from a scene in an adventure film, the native and exotic animal species on the islands roam uninhibited throughout this breathtaking, untouched ecosystem.

Many of the wildlife now calling the Brijoni Archipelago home were originally brought to the island by dignitaries and celebrities, presented as gifts to the zoological park’s original creator and developer, Paul Kupelweiser. Since the early 1900s, the park has served as a natural, protected haven for a wide variety of land and marine animals including elephants, zebras, turtles, dolphins, and dozens of exotic deer species. Once a exclusive private estate and resort, following the first world war and stock market crash of the Great Depression, the park’s ownership returned to government oversight and the once majestic splendor of the islands faded.

Today, in a spectacular display of nature and nurture, all the wildlife roaming the islands is cared for by the residents and visitors to the island chain in cooperation with the Croatian government. However, as the population of native and hybrid species expands, help is required to maintain their unspoiled habitat. To avoid extinction and preserve the park for future generations to visit and enjoy, UNITERS has pledged a portion of the profits from every furniture warranty sold to go directly to support the Brijoni Safari Park conservation efforts. Together, UNITERS and its customers are making a real difference in preserving this important habitat.

Although it does not do justice to the the visual landscape of the island, watch this video from Brijuni to learn more about the National Park.