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Colour Touch-Up Kit
This is a smaller version of our Colour Line Kits for minor touch up. This product is designed for repairing light to medium cracking and fading on Aniline and Pigmented leathers. It is available in 60 standard colours.

50 ml Colour Touch up
50 ml Leather Protection Cream
1 Soft Cloth
1 Brochure

Colour Touch-Up
Colour Touch-Up is a colour cream for repairing light to medium cracking and fading on aniline and pigmented leathers.



Leather Protection Cream

Leather Protection Cream is a water based protector for all leather types, except nubuck and suede leather. It provides ecxellent protection against oil, water and alcohol based stains as well as help resist the effects of every day soiling. At the same time it keeps your leather nice and soft.

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