Our Company

Trusted for over 30 years as the worldwide leader in furniture protection, UNITERS provides retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and their customers the highest quality customer service, value, and innovation in service plans, care products, and support.

UNITERS was founded in 1992 by Chairman Gordian Tork, and together with his father, Dr. Leo Tork, UNITERS has developed some of the most revolutionary leather care and protection products in the furniture and home goods industry. Under Gordian's leadership, UNITERS set out to transform the service plan and warranty administration industry with a transparent process that allows both furniture stores and consumers the ability to follow their claims process to ensure a quick and fair resolution.

Dr. Leo Tork the founder and director of the UNITERS Product Research Center in Italy, has been the driving force behind the development of UNITERS innovative cleaning, protection, repair and restoration products. Consumers and our manufacturing and retail partners worldwide rest assured knowing that the UNITERS Research Center develops the highest quality, and environmentally responsible products available.

The UNITERS team worldwide is continually working to discover new solutions to improve the care and protection of furniture, textiles, and bedding, and to serve as a model for innovation and responsible business practices in the service and protection plan industry.

Our Mission

To deliver innovative and creative solutions to our industry while stewarding our environment. Our greatest assets are our employees, customers and vendors. By placing a strong emphasis on partnerships, we work together to successfully exceed our customer’s expectations by providing superior service, delivering environmentally friendly products and using the latest technology. We believe partnerships are key to meeting service commitments, building long-term relationships and satisfying our consumers.

Our Brands

The foundation of UNITERS is its family of core brands working together to provide comprehensive service & protection solutions and products for furniture, leather, textiles and bedding for business and consumers worldwide.

Leather Master

Backed by nearly 30 years of research and development, Leather Master® has long been recognized as the premier care and protection brand for use on leather furniture and fashion.

With innovative and easy to use solutions intended to repair and protect against soiling, fading, scratching, and cracking of leather upholstery and apparel, UNITERS award winning Leather Master® line of leather care products have been endorsed by leather manufacturers and retailers around the globe.


Textile Master

Developed by the UNITERS Research Centre, Textile Master® is widely recognized by fabric manufacturers and furniture retailers across the globe as superior products for the maintenance of most fabric and microfiber materials.

These cutting edge products are designed to be both effective and easy to use on upholstery, carpet, window treatments, apparel, or fabric home goods. Whether you need to clean, repair, or protect; Textile Master® has a solution that will work for almost any application.


Wood Master

With proper care and protection, wood can retain its natural beauty and versatility for decades. The Uniters Research Centre has developed a range of kits and products for the cleaning, protection and repair of most types of wood surfaces and finishes.

The Wood Master® brand from UNITERS is widely recognized as a superior product for both home and professional applications. Professional restorers and wood furniture manufacturers use Wood Master®products to preserve and enhance even the most valuable antiques.


Professionals in the business of repairing, cleaning, and restoring furniture and home goods have long relied on UNITERS PRO® line of products to produce measurable results. With the backing of UNITERS research and development, technicians in the field will rest assured they are using the very best solutions available in the marketplace for leather, fabric, and wood.


Sherlock by UNITERS is a timesaving, high performance leather color system that offers quick, precise, and highly durable touch-ups, repair, and complete re-coloring on leather and synthetics. Sherlock’s fast-drying, water-based, and low-odor colors are designed to work in conjunction with a range of compatible auxiliaries for professional results.

Sherlock takes the guesswork out of color matching. The heart of the system is the pocket-sized color sensor that contains an optical scanner providing instant color recognition using a smartphone app to give the user the correct formula from the Sherlock color database, providing an industry-leading level of accuracy to match existing color swatches from tanneries or manufactures.


Some things in life are unavoidable no matter how careful you are. Accidents happen, and so do the stains and damage that can occur from them. You can’t prevent accidents from happening, but you can be prepared for them when they do happen.

Why do you have insurance on your home, car, boat and other valuables? In case you ever have an accident that results in an expensive repair or having to replace the item. You pay a little now to avoid paying a lot later. It’s peace of mind protection. It’s also a smart investment for your furniture too. When you buy new furniture you are making an investment, and just like your other investments or valuables, it makes sense to protect them.


Endorsed by some of the world’s leading bedding retailers, BedGard is the household name in effective and easy care mattress and pillow protection products. To prevent a spill, stain, or pest nightmare, protect your bed with a UNITERS’ BedGard mattress or pillow cover available in a variety of styles and performance levels.


UNITERS Research Center

Holding numerous patents and widely recognized as the utmost authority on leather and fabric manufacturing processes, Dr. Leo Tork established the UNITERS Research Center nearly three decades ago. This advanced research facility is located in the heart of Italy’s leather manufacturing region where new products are developed, tested and perfected.

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Dr. Leo Tork

Dr. Leo Tork is widely regarded as the foremost authority on leather and home goods care and protection the world over. With his team of chemists and technicians at the UNITERS Research Center, Dr. Tork has developed over 350 commercial products including Leather Master®, Textile Master®, and Wood Master® products.

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Many companies offer a few products they claim are safe for the environment. However, almost ALL products UNITERS offers are water-based, biodegradable, VOC-free, phosphate-free, ozone-friendly and are free of any Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs).

UNITERS is committed to producing safe, natural and environmentally friendly products using only the highest quality ingredients that are manufactured incorporating socially responsible methods. This also means most of our product packaging incorporates recycled paper and fibers as well as recyclable materials.

At UNITERS, we even encourage our employees to live a green lifestyle. As a company, we have significantly limited waste by recycling newspapers, bottles and plastic and reduced our overall energy and water consumption as well as our carbon-footprint.

Through the introduction of the UNITERS Pure brand, our company is leading the way in the creation of products that are not only easy to use, but also better for your furniture, better for the environment, and better for your family.

Caring for People

In addition to our commitment to the environment, UNITERS also promotes and encourages investment into our local community. Our company participates in service projects and charitable donations to many local organizations, sharing in the resources we have developed through our company history.

Brijuni National Park

UNITERS CEO Gordian Tork, believes success as a corporation is not simply measured by the bottom line, but also how a company gives back to the global community.

Very near and dear to Mr. Tork’s heart is support for a relatively forgotten natural archipelagos in the Adriatic Sea just off the Croatian coastline, the Brijuni Islands, home to a free-range Safari Park.

The Jacob Isaac Rappoport Foundation

UNITERS is proud to support the Jacob Isaac Rappoport Foundation.

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All UNITERS products conform to the strictest standards of quality, reliability, performance, safety and environmental integrity. Our commitment to the achievement of these high standards has earned UNITERS the following certifications: